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Facebook News Feed Changes: What Do They Mean for Small Business?

Facebook is changing the way marketers can reach and grow fans and followers. Only time will tell what changes Facebook makes to the News Feed, and which ones last. But  there are steps your business can take today to maintain your current reach - and increase Facebook engagement. 

Facebook for Business: How to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing


Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide. That’s a staggering number of potential customers. In 2013, 52% of marketers found a customer on Facebook. With so many users on the number one social media site, it can be tricky to navigate your way through Facebook business marketing. Many businesses believe that Likes equals bigger sales, which is not the case. It takes  targeted content and strategic management to turn Facebook Likes into dollar signs. If you are ready for your brand to get noticed on Facebook, check out these five tips to supercharge your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Link to your website with link posts

Your Facebook posts should link directly to your website. In your Page’s sharing tool, you simply enter your website's link and hit enter.

facebook marketing tips: link to your website
facebook marketing tips: link to your website

2. Create a content calendar and schedule

Schedule when to post certain types of information, links, articles, blogs, images and events. You content calendar should consider

  • seasons, holidays, weather, sales, business milestones and product launches
  • time of day: are your followers typically on Facebook during the day, weekends, or evenings?
  • relevance: what special interests do your followers have that are time relevant, such as a big sports event or entertainment news

Scheduling your posts keeps you on track and consistent with your posts. The more consistent you are with your content, the more your site will be on your followers’ minds.

3. Create incredible content

Great content is attractive and will drive traffic. Enrich your content with photos, videos or images, which will make your posts stand out. Keep your posts short and sweet to engage with users, 100-250 characters.

4. Use Facebook ads

There is little dispute that Facebook is changing the way that business page content displays on user's homepages, and that FB advertising changes frequently. Paid advertising through Facebook ads can get your content on the Home Feeds of targeted users. You can specify the age, gender, geographic area, and specific interests of your audience (Source: Start Up Nation).

Facebook ad changes are driving more FB business page owners to invest in paid Facebook ads, or to look at other social marketing channels. Make sure you stay current with the newest Facebook ad updatesand how they impact your marketing plan.

5. Use Facebook social plug-ins

Facebook social plug-ins encourage your readers to visit your Facebook page and promote social sharing. Plug-ins can be installed on your website, Facebook apps, and your blog (and if you don’t have a blog, get one). Plug-ins personalize the viewer's experience and invite readers to Like, Share, Comment, or Embed your post. They are free to use and an easy way to market your brand, and can be installed with a single line of HTML.

Facebook marketing is a viable way to grow your business. Whether your Facebook marketing plan involves a free business page and content strategy, or paid Facebook ads to reach your target audience, you have to invest the time to develop a Facebook business marketing strategy that delivers!

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