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Customizable Press Release Template - Free Download

Our customizable press release template will help you tell your story and get it read and shared. Your goal in writing a press release is to tell your important news to the media and people who are interested in your business. Good press release writing skills will help your news get found, read and shared with people who care about your story.  

Media Tour: A PR Pro's Tips for Your Next Media Interview (Free eBook)

Media relations training is a vital component of your successful business strategy. CEO of Alchemy Communications Kathryn Bechthold doesn't just give her clients basic media tips: as the author of The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Running Your Own Business, the PR pros at Alchemy PR designed Kathryn's media tour of over 300 appearances and interviews.

3 tips for your next media interview:

  1. Never Go Off the Record: anything you say to a reporter is subject to being repeated. If you don't want it repeated, don't say it.
  2. Skype or Hangout: prop your webcam at eye level so the camera is looking directly at you, not up at you.
  3. Speak in Soundbites: practice delivering your message in short, quotable sentences.
Download Alchemy PR's free ebook: Media Appearance Preparation and Training Guide
Download Alchemy PR's free ebook: Media Appearance Preparation and Training Guide

Congratulations! You’ve been hard at work using social media, blogging, and talking to just about anyone who will listen to promote your new product, a first book, or a business launch.

And finally your hard work has paid off: you’ve been contacted by a journalist or producer, or a writer or blogger, and asked to appear as a guest for an interview.

You know your topic and your message: now your job is to prepare for the interview so you present yourself as

 professional • knowledgeable • memorable