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Develop Tomorrow's PR Leaders: Hire an Intern


Communications is the number one major in America today. CNN had 25,000 applicants for five intern jobs.

~ Larry King, television and radio host

Hiring an intern for your business or non-profit is a win-win situation. The student intern gains valuable work experience, and your business can take pride in helping develop qualified future employees.

At Alchemy Communications we are committed to developingtomorrow's public relations professionals by giving them the experience and guidance to help launch their PR career. Student interns bring valuable resources to our company, and we benefit by their education, enthusiasm and fresh perspective.

As a business owner, my responsibilities in hiring an intern include:

  • welcome, orient and train new interns
  • establish clear job responsibilities and performance expectations
  • provide regular feedback and instruction
  • give assignments that offer a sense of ownership and that the intern can manage from start to finish
  • offer opportunities to demonstrate their talents and skills
  • include interns in team and client meetings and outside events
  • getting feedback from our intern on how to improve and enhance our internship program

Recruiting, training and managing an intern takes times and requires commitment. Your business benefits by gaining a productive employee and by helping develop skilled workers.

When considering hiring an intern for your business, don't limit your intern search to college students. Many experienced professionals considering a career change are looking for work experience in their new field, or want to "test-drive" a new career option.

Internships can be both paid and unpaid, and for college credit or for job experience. Your business will have to decide how to structure an internship that meets both your needs and the intern's goals. For many interns, a summer or semester internship can function as an extended job interview, and can result in full-time employment with your agency.

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