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How Gen Y Gets Involved with NonProfits


Gen Y and NonProfit Giving

Knowing how Gen Y-ers get involved with non-profits is vital to the success and growth of nonprofit organizations. Numerous millennials may want to get involved with your organization: you need to give them the opportunity and make it worth their while. These stats on millennial giving can help you understand what lights their fire, and what causes millennials not to get involved with an organization.

Motivating Gen Y to Give - The Stats

83% of Gen Y-ers are motivated to give to a cause they are passionate about

43% volunteer for an organization to build their skillset

56% want to meet people who care about their cause

51% are interested in networking opportunities

56% want to meet people like them

46% want to donate their skills

How Gen Y gets involved witn NonProfits
How Gen Y gets involved witn NonProfits

Alchemy Communications created this infographic to show the stats behind millennial giving to nonprofits. Contact Alchemy for your visual marketing needs:

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Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications
Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications

author: Kathryn Bechthold, Communications expert in Calgary, AB. Owner/CEO of Alchemy Communications Inc.