social media audit

Give Your Social Media a 5 Minute Tune-Up Today


Small business owners are seeing the greatest results from social media marketing.

~ Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Social media is a free resource for owners to promote and grow their business: but it's time consuming, and can be tricky to navigate. Small business owners are so busy juggling a dozen things at once and keeping the business running that they never find time to take a step back, and look at the big picture. They're busy doing things: but are they busy doing the right things? Today, spend 5 minutes on a social media audit for your business so you can be sure you that your social is working for you, and not against you.

5 Minute Social Media Audit

1.  Verify Your Links

Do all the links on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts work? Do they take the reader to the right page on your website? Having a great social media presence won't help your business if it doesn't direct followers to your website!

2. Look at Your Profile and Cover Images

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ have recently changed their home page layouts, and the size of their images. You may not see those changes if you make your posts via apps or tools.Sit down at your computer and go to your site's home page and see what a user experiences: is the photo off center, or missing altogether? Next, look at your sites home page on your smartphone and tablet? Are your images the 1st impression you want to make to potential customers?

3. Check Your Contact Info

Is your address correct? The hours your business is open? Your email address and phone number? Nothing will make a bad and lasting impression more than a potential customernot being able to reach you via the information you provided.

4.  When Was Your Last Post?

Was your last Twitter post in 2012? Did you enthusiastically start a Pinterest board last year... and not update it since? Does your LinkedIn page announce your grand opening... when you've been open 3 years! Don't give potential customers the idea you're out of business... if they see you're not active, they may also assume your business is not active. If you don't have time to update your social sites, either take them down, assign someone else to manage your social, hire a social media marketer, or use tools that allow you to schedule your posts in advance, like HootSuite.

5. What Are Your Competitors Doing On Social?

Take a quick peak at your competitor's social sites: are they promoting a new product you don't stock? Are they recognizing a special event your forgot to promote? Is their site full of images and fun videos? You can't compete if you don't know what the competition is doing.

For your business to grow you will need to develop a content strategy that attracts visitors to your sites and converts them to customers, and do a full social media audit that analyzes what your social is - and isn't - doing for your business. But investing today in a quick 5 minute social media audit will assure you that your social media is sending the right message to your customers: and sending your customers to the right website!

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