What is an Intranet? And why your company needs one!

What is an Intranet_ And why your company needs one! _ Kathryn Kolaczek _ Alchemy Communications Inc.png

Businesses, schools and nonprofits use intranets to improve communications and productivity. An intranet is a private, online centralized network that all your employees can access. It’s a place for valuable company information such as onboarding documents and organization charts. It can help everyone stay informed and give them the information they need to get their jobs done. It’s purely internal and only for the people within your company. 

According to a Dale Carnegie study, companies with engaged employees outperformed those without by 202%, yet only 29% of employees are fully engaged. Intranets are effective tools to increase employee engagement. 

Benefits of a Company Intranet 

  • Increased Employee Engagement

    • Make it easy for staff to access information and policies

    • Keep staff informed

    • Encourage staff to input feedback and comments

    • Facilitate collaboration

    • Spreads company culture and open communications

  • Improved Productivity

    • Reduce emai

    • Increase ease of finding company information

    • Reduce the number of meetings

    • Share knowledge and expertise

    • Increase communication between offices, roles, and levels of seniority

    • Save time

    • Streamline processes

Your intranet should be easy to access and use for your team, especially your non-technical staff. Alchemy Communications can help you improve internal communications, increase employee engagement and improve productivity by by creating an intranet as part of your overall communications strategy.