Crisis Communications Media Training


Even with the best of intentions, your company can find itself at the centre of media attention. We’ll establish a comprehensive Crisis Communications Media Training event for the senior team members in your organization.

A crisis can be anything that disrupts normal routine for your business. It can be positive or negative, and directly connected to your business or not. Even if your company did nothing wrong, your company name can turn up in the media simply because one of your partners or subcontractors committed an error or had an accident onsite. No matter how well managed your company is, it’s impossible to predict every incident.

Crisis Communications Media Training will help prepare you so when an incident occurs, you can handle it in a smooth and streamlined fashion, without any harm to your business reputation. Our media training helps you send your audience the message you want them to hear.

Services included:

Crisis Communications Media Training includes several phases: research and engagement, detailed materials review, and a customized media training event. Your media training includes a review of current media climate, different media opportunities, TV, radio, digital, Skype, etc. as well as key message creation and delivery and a final recommendations report for your ongoing reference.

On-Call Crisis Communications Services


Our experience has shown us that when we talk about crises, it’s a matter of when, and not if, they will occur. While we do offer customized Crisis Communications Media Training, some companies are at higher risk than others. For those clients, we offer a specialized on-call

service. Clients must complete the Crisis Communications Media Training prior to committing to on-call retainers.

Whether it is your fault or not, a crisis can destroy a company’s reputation. For companies at a higher risk level or who simply recognize they don’t have the capacity to handle the response necessary, on-call services may be a perfect fit to protect you from a crisis. You’ll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing experts are ready to support you as needed.

Our On-Call Crisis Communications Services will place an expert at your disposal, 24/7, to ensure that you are fully prepared to navigate a crisis. We’ll provide the strategy, prepared press and media releases, as well as templated internal and external messaging to ensure a smooth flow of information to necessary audiences.

Services included:

On-Call Crisis Communications Services are offered in a range of service levels with on-call services booked in advance, for either a defined number of days in a year or 12 months of ongoing 24/7 service for full support.

We will ensure a Crisis Communications strategy is in place including timelines for communications stakeholders, key stakeholders contact information available, including key media contacts, prepared press releases, social media releases, internal and external messaging (templated), 24 hour on-call support for when a crisis of any level occurs, as well as a post-incident debrief.

Please note:

Our Executive Level Package is available with a minimum 12-month commitment and includes all of the above as well as 5 hours of communications service monthly to cover communications consultation on stakeholder engagement, social media strategy, crisis communications planning, internal communications, etc.

Our Premium Level Package, also with a minimum 12-month agreement, includes everything in the Executive Package plus quarterly 2-day training session on crisis communications, media training, post-incident debriefs, scenario re-enactments, etc.

Stakeholder Engagement Training


We’ll help your executive team avoid situations where they may accidentally cause offense or worse, come off as tone-deaf simply due to ignorance or inexperience when speaking about sensitive issues. We’ll help them navigate tricky situations and unexpected conversations with ease. They’ll receive training in how to avoid sensitive areas as they handle conversations during events or other networking. All this will be at your disposal with our experience leading you through the process. We know how to customize our training for different industries and sectors.

As organizations grow, the need to engage with multiple stakeholders in meaningful, high stakes ways become more significant. These sessions are best utilized when repeated quarterly.

Every Stakeholder Engagement Training session is different. We start with a discovery session to see who your target audience is, and what are the most frequently asked and challenging questions. We also brainstorm questions you may not yet have fielded but that have a high potential of being asked in the future. We’ll prepare key messaging for your team to ensure they can handle likely conversations in the future.

Services included:

Our Stakeholder Engagement Training includes a 2-hour discovery session to walk you through a series of questions that will help us create a training event that will be as successful as possible in preparing your team. Your 3-hour training session will include:

• How to have a conversation with differing opinions, high stakes and, often the most challenging component, high emotions

• We will cover the importance of dialogue and how to create the conditions for open dialogue with stakeholders

• We will cover what tools you need to utilize in order to create a situation where honesty and respect are the priority, not the issue at hand

• We will review case studies of possible conversations that could happen to your team and brainstorm ways to utilize tools discussed in theory in order to move forward

• The importance of accountability, taking it even when you would rather not

• Getting to yes, negotiating tools for high yield conversations

Post-Crisis Communications Debriefs


Many companies don’t have a lot of warning before their first serious incident. Things happen quickly and unexpectedly, and they cope as best they can. They deal with it as best they can, survive through it, then go back to their day to day task lists without ever doing a formal debrief on what happened, how it came to be, what could have been done better, and what a formal process for crisis communications could look like to make future situations easier.

Our Post-Crisis Communications Debriefs are designed to help you in reviewing these situations, facilitating team discussions in a safe and collaborative environment, and drafting a communications strategy and recommendations once the debrief sessions are completed.

When the crisis has died down, and the fires are out, sit down with your team and look back at your work. Did it go the way you planned? Did your crisis communications plan work? What was successful and what fell short?

Take all of these into consideration and then rewrite your crisis communications plan. Your plan will never be foolproof the first time around, so you should always be reevaluating and revising

it so that next time you can be even more prepared and you won’t feel like panicking during the crisis.

Services included:

Our Post-Crisis Communications Debriefs will include a discovery session with stakeholders on what the timeline of events was leading up to the incident, what the team did to address the incident, and what the result of the incident response was. It will also include a facilitation event where a summary of the event and results of the incident response are reviewed, alternate scenarios are considered, the process is developed and discussed, and a strategy is agreed upon.

We’ll wrap things up with a final report delivered to your team that includes a crisis communications strategy for similar incidents, a process and a timeline for crisis communications, as well as roles and responsibilities for team members.