it's not a matter of if a crisis will happen, it's a matter of when

Crisis & Reputation Management

Crisis Communications
Alchemy Communications works with organizations to prepare for a crisis before it happens, and with businesses that are unexpectedly faced with an event that can damage their reputation and profitability. You can protect your business's reputation by being prepared for a crisis before it happens.

A crisis is any event that unexpectedly disrupts your business.

When a crisis hits your company, will you be prepared?

A crisis communications strategy is needed when the unexpected occurs. Your crisis communications plan will be used when a crisis is both a negative event, or something good but unplanned occurs:

  • your server crashes due to overwhelming response to your new product launch

  • a natural disaster disrupts your long-planned fundraising event

  • political groups take offense to your brand or message

  • a celebrity makes an unexpected positive endorsement of your product or cause