How to Develop a Communications Strategy for Your Nonprofit

10 Steps to Develop a Communications Strategy

Our guide will help you create a communications strategy and promote your cause:

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A communications strategy defines who, what, when, where, how and why
your organization communicates with its audiences.

Not for profit organizations have limited resources and time to promote their cause and achieve their goals. Creating a communications strategy optimizes your time, amplifies your message and maximizes your resources.

A communications strategy is a critical tool to help nonprofit organizations share their vision, engage with their audience and deliver a consistent message. A strategic communications plan that is reviewed and updated annually will help your nonprofit achieve your goals and identify additional opportunities - and potential pitfalls.

  • Every nonprofit has unique needs and goals.

  • Nonprofit organizations compete for resources, money, volunteers, media and other community support.

  • Many nonprofits have vocal, political or community opposition.

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  • 10 Steps to Develop a Nonprofit Communications Strategy

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  • Crisis Communications Planning

  • Critical Components of A Communications and Marketing Calendar