We tell your story at the right time, in the right way.

How? By developing and executing smart communications strategies. Ones driven by compelling messages that captivate and create connection. Strategy is the backbone and the beating heart of our work. And it’s how we can help you achieve your objectives.



For most companies, it's not a matter of if a crisis will occur, but when. Are you prepared to handle the pressure of being under media and public scrutiny?

Whether you’re currently facing a crisis or you want to prepare for one, together we’ll develop a crisis communication plan to help you stay calm and respond with clarity and confidence.

Our media training also provides your team with coaching and practice to deliver your message in a clear, honest and positive voice—even under pressure.

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Are your marketing campaigns not hitting the mark? Not getting the media coverage you hoped for?

We’ll help you develop an integrated marketing strategy that provides the right content, at the right time, to the right audience. We’ll also tap into our network of media connections throughout North America to help spread the word about your product launch, campaign, or other noteworthy news.

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Worried that your message isn’t being heard? Or that it’s not raising the awareness or funds your organization needs to keep the doors open?

Partner with us. Our track record shows we deliver strong campaigns that will drive your mission, promote your cause, and increase your impact.

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Even with the best of intentions, your company can find itself at the centre of media attention. We’ll establish a comprehensive Crisis Communications Media Training event for the senior team members in your organization.

A crisis can be anything that disrupts normal routine for your business. It can be positive or negative, and directly connected to your business or not. Even if your company did nothing wrong, your company name can turn up in the media simply because one of your partners or subcontractors committed an error or had an accident onsite. No matter how well managed your company is, it’s impossible to predict every incident.

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Our experience has shown us that when we talk about crises, it’s a matter of when, and not if, they will occur. While we do offer customized Crisis Communications Media Training, some companies are at higher risk than others. For those clients, we offer a specialized on-call

service. Clients must complete the Crisis Communications Media Training prior to committing to on-call retainers.

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We’ll help your executive team avoid situations where they may accidentally cause offense or worse, come off as tone-deaf simply due to ignorance or inexperience when speaking about sensitive issues. We’ll help them navigate tricky situations and unexpected conversations with ease. They’ll receive training in how to avoid sensitive areas as they handle conversations during events or other networking. All this will be at your disposal with our experience leading you through the process. We know how to customize our training for different industries and sectors.

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Many companies don’t have a lot of warning before their first serious incident. Things happen quickly and unexpectedly, and they cope as best they can. They deal with it as best they can, survive through it, then go back to their day to day task lists without ever doing a formal debrief on what happened, how it came to be, what could have been done better, and what a formal process for crisis communications could look like to make future situations easier.

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