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Communication is the foundation for building strong relationships. We create messaging strategies that tell your story in a compelling fashion and shares important information with your audience.

Internal: Messaging to employees, shareholders and stakeholders

External: Strategic communications to current and potential customers, the public, media and suppliers

Corporate communications are key to being viewed in a positive light by your stakeholders and the public.

Communication must be two-way: Alchemy campaigns incorporate strategies that listen as well as broadcast. 

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Crisis & Reputation management

A crisis is any event that unexpectedly disrupts your business. 

A crisis communications strategy is needed when the unexpected occurs. Your crisis communications plan will be used when a crisis is both a negative event, or something good but unplanned occurs:

  • your server crashes due to overwhelming response to your new product launch
  • a natural disaster disrupts your
    long-planned fundraising event
  • political groups take offense to your brand or message a celebrity makes an unexpected positive endorsement of your product or cause

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inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the strategy of sharing information and ideas online to attract an audience who is interested in what you're saying, and then converting that audience into customers.

54% more leads from inbound marketing than traditional outbound practices

80% of B2B purchase cycles are completed before the buyer contacts sales.

At any time millions of people are online searching for information that is relevant and important to them. The key to successful inbound marketing is to know your niche and share quality information that attracts people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

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public relations

Alchemy Communications partners with small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise their profile, deliver their message and grow their business.

As a serial entrepreneur and business owner Alchemy CEO Kathryn Kolaczek harnessed the power of a good public relations and marketing campaign, and launched Alchemy to help other businesses achieve success after selling her last business, The Mompreneur magazine. 

Our goal is to increase your visibility, reputation, recognition... and your earnings.

Alchemy media and business relationships are invaluable to build your brand and your bottom line.

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At Alchemy, we understand the challenges and barriers faced by not for profit organizations in a crowded and competitive environment. Nonprofits must differentiate themselves to communicate their mission; and leverage their brand to deliver a clear, focused message that gains the support of key stakeholders.

Nonprofits have limited time and resources to achieve their goals.

Alchemy partners with nonprofits to execute cause marketing strategies that drive their objectives and achieve increased brand visibility, engaged supporters and improved funding.

Alchemy’s track record demonstrates campaigns that drive your mission and increase your impact.

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