Customizable Press Release Template - Free Download

Our customizable press release template will help you tell your story and get it read and shared. Your goal in writing a press release is to tell your important news to the media and people who are interested in your business. Good press release writing skills will help your news get found, read and shared with people who care about your story.  

5 Tips for Your 1st Facebook Live Broadcast

Facebook Live is a new tool to add to your content marketing strategy and a great way to interact directly with your audience. With a little planning and practice, your 1st Facebook Live broadcast can reach a whole new audience to spread your message and build your business!

Blogging v Brand Publishing: What's Right for Your Business?

What's right for your business? Blogging, content marketing and brand journalism are not mutually exclusive: in fact, they go hand-in-hand in a well-defined content strategy. Inbound marketing attracts your target audience to your website by sharing high-quality, useful information that they want to receive.