A Tale of Two Ads: What can we learn from Pepsi and Heineken?

In the age of social media, it can sometimes feel like for every opinion you hold, there’s someone else who feels just as strongly in the opposite direction, and that casual dialogue is impossible. Two recent advertisements from Pepsi and Heineken tried to capitalize on this sentiment, with vastly different results. Today, we’re exploring why one of these ads was a massive success, and the other resulted in numerous public apologies.

Does Your Nonprofit Need Brand Ambassadors?


Social media ambassadors are 83% more likely to

     share information than your average user.

~ Social Factor

Brand ambassadors are people who want to promote and support your cause. They're your biggest fans: and they want to talk about you on their social media posts. Recruiting social media brand ambassadors in-house from your organization's supporters is a smart strategy to expand your reach and amplify your message.

Your in-house list of potential brand ambassadors includes:

  • Social media followers
  • Volunteers who are trained by your organization
  • Staff: both past and current
  • Sponsors of your events and programs
  • Vendors who you've hired for services
  • Board members of your organization
  • Donors who give money or in-kind donations
  • Community leaders and elected officials
  • Celebrities who support your cause
  • Media who have written about your events and cause

4 Ways Social Media Brand Ambassadors Save You Time and Money

1.  They Already Want to Support Your Cause

You don't have to spend time or money recruiting social media brand ambassadors - they're already following you, and are just waiting for you to give them an assignment. 

2. Reach New Audiences

Your nonprofit doesn't have the resources to be on every social media platform. But chances are high that your supporters are on many social networks your organization isn't! You may be on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram - and that's all you have time for.

But your supporters might be on SnapChat and Pinterest or Tumblr. By recruiting and training brand ambassadors, they can take your message to new social media channels and inform more people about your organization and cause. 

there is only 8% overlap between an employees’ Twitter followers
and a brand’s Twitter followers

~ Social Chorus

3.  They Have Social Media Skills You Need

Target your brand ambassador program to recruit people who have skills you need. On social media you see great videos and graphics promoting many nonprofits. The chances are your nonprofit is on a tight budget and doesn't have the time or money to create visual marketing tools.

Your brand ambassadors may have skills and tools that they want to use to spread your message. Many social media platforms have built-in features like live video broadcasting or GIFs that will help your message stand out in the crowded social media newsfeeds. A brand ambassador who uses those tools for their personal social media will be happy to use them for a cause they care about!

4.  The Power of the LIKE and RT

People are more likely to trust recommendations from friends. Your social media brand ambassadors have a circle of friends who believe and trust their recommendations. When they use their relationships to promote your cause on social media, it has a snowball effect:

If they Like and Share your Facebook posts, all their Facebook friends now see your post in their newsfeed. And if the friends Like your post, the sphere of influence snowballs.

Social media brand ambassadors are a cost effective and highly efficient way for nonprofits to spread their message and get more support for their cause. A brand ambassador program is an opportunity for nonprofits to use the power of social media to save time and money while promoting their cause. 

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Best Practices for Scheduling Social Media


It's summertime, and most of use are thinking about vacation: whether its a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, time away from the office is good for our mental health, not to mention physical health!

Planning for vacation typically means putting in extra time to make sure your business operates smoothly in your absence. Productivity tools are useful to help you effectively run your business while you're on vacation, and every day. 

Fortunately, there are a slew of social media tools and strategies to plan your social media marketing strategy and schedule your social media posts in advance. At Alchemy we believe in using social media scheduling tools to manage, not automate, our social media. Here are some tips we use to schedule our posts and make sure our social media runs seemlessly, and is on target for our messaging.

3 Tips for Scheduling Social Media

1. Schedule, Don't Automate

Alchemy uses these tools to schedule our social media posts:

  • HootSuite
  • Facebook Scheduler
  • HubSpot

We schedule posts in advance: but we don't automate our follower engagement. Our Likes, RTs, questions, shares, welcomes and thank yous are from the Alchemy team: not a bot!

2. Audit Your Scheduled Posts Regularly

Never set it and forget it: too many social media fails occur when social media posts are scheduled in advance, and no one monitors them to be sure they are current and accurate before they actually post. We suggest weekly monitoring your scheduled posts to make sure you want that to go live.

tip: If an unplanned public event occurs, recheck your scheduled social media posts to be sure nothing inapproriate gets posted.

3. Give Someone Else Access to Log In

As a business owner you may be the one managing your content calendar and scheduling your social media, and you successfully scheduled everything in advance. But things happen: you may have an unplanned or intentional digital vacation, and not be able to access your social media accounts or have the latest news. Make sure someone else can log into your social meda accounts and scheduling tools, and is monitoring your social media in your absence.

Social media scheduling tools are ideal to increase productivity at your business, but they are not a replacement for personal management and interaction with your social media followers. 

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